I would like to introduce you to a very interesting program, which started with the New Year of 2017 or January 1 pn. X-Binary Ltd. Of course, the standard now is that the company must be registered - that is, in this case Smile Company is registered in the UK since September 2016.

updated plans:
XB-Trial: 2% daily for 100 days a minimum of $ 10.
XB-Pro 2% daily for 125 days a minimum of $ 100.
XB-Master 2% daily for 150 days a minimum of $ 1,000.

Accepted payment systems: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash
Withdrawals: instant, in certain cases, to 48 hours, a minimum of $ 0.10
Possible payment to a different processor than has paid

How to write about themselves, engaged in trade kryptowalutami and, therefore, you have to take profit for the participants. They offer virtually one plan (2%) with different length of the investment depends on the amount invested. The minimum amount you can invest is $ 10.

Innovation seems to be the introduction of two portfolios available after registration - M-wallet and B-wallet and it has to do with the fact that the recording automatically begins to form our binary tree referrals. We can have them up to 2040 and as the company provides a process for obtaining them is fully automatic - new investors fill levels below us. The tree can have up to 10 levels down and divided into left and right side (from the top). You ask, and what I will be (a)? Well, if the sum invested on the left and on the right side of the tree will be a multiple of $ 500 (or $ 1,000, $ 1,500 and so on.) Is for each such pair earn a bonus of $ 10. And that's what a portfolio is called B-wallet - getting him these bonuses, which later can invest in a program or transferred to other users. Pay them right away you can not Wink

M-wallet, however, is designed purely to handle their own deposits and commissions on their own referrals (deposits and withdrawals).

When it comes to your own referrals (Unilevel), then we are also 10 levels of referrals commissions respectively:

10% of deposits at the first level
1% of deposits at the levels of the second to fifth
0.5% in other


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